Download the Pupila App: A captivating design encouraging users to download the Pupila app for an interactive and fun reading experience for kids Download the Pupila App: A captivating design encouraging users to download the Pupila app for an interactive and fun reading experience for kids Download the Pupila App: A captivating design encouraging users to download the Pupila app for an interactive and fun reading experience for kids

Pupila - Interactive story books for Kids

Pupila Logo: The logo of the Pupila interactive storytelling app, representing a friendly and fun environment for kids' reading and learning

Welcome to Pupila, an interactive storytelling app that makes reading enjoyable. We understand the profound impact that stories have on young minds. We believe that every page turned and every word read is an opportunity to inspire, educate, and ignite a lifelong love for learning.

Our mission is to create a safe haven where stories transport kids to new worlds, introduce them to captivating characters, and instill values that shape their understanding of the world around them. We understand that each story holds the potential to plant seeds of knowledge, empathy, and compassion in young hearts.

We know that modern families are constantly seeking ways to engage and educate their children, especially in the digital age. With this in mind, we've meticulously designed our platform to provide an interactive and immersive reading experience. Our stories are brought to life through engaging visuals, interactive elements, and narrations that resonate with young listeners.

As parents, educators, and storytellers, we are committed to nurturing the minds of the next generation. Our dedication shines through in our carefully curated selection of stories, each handpicked to offer entertainment, education, and meaningful connections between generations. We take pride in being a reliable partner for parents and caregivers, offering a treasure trove of stories that encourage dialogue, exploration, and quality time.

Join us in this incredible journey of exploration and growth. Together, we'll kindle the flames of curiosity, ignite the joy of reading, and weave a tapestry of stories that inspire, entertain, and educate. Welcome to Pupila, where each story is a gateway to a world of possibilities.

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Easy Access to a Wide Variety of Books

Easy Access to a Wide Variety of Books: An image illustrating the convenience of accessing a diverse range of books through the Pupila app.

With the Pupila app, kids have access to a vast collection of books, ranging from classic fairy tales to modern bestsellers, all in one place. This means they can easily discover and explore new books without the need to physically visit a library or bookstore.

Fun and Engaging Reading Experience

Fun and Engaging Reading Experience: An image depicting a joyful and engaging reading experience with the Pupila app, encouraging kids to immerse themselves in exciting stories.

Pupila app is designed to make reading fun and exciting for kids. With engaging stories and exciting illustrations, kids can get lost in a good book and immerse themselves in a world of adventure.

Portability and Convenience

Portability and Convenience: An image illustrating the convenience of taking the Pupila app on the go, enabling kids to enjoy reading anywhere, whether at home, on the go, or while waiting.

Pupila app offers a portable reading experience, which means kids can take their library wherever they go. Whether they're traveling, waiting for an appointment, or simply relaxing at home, they can access their favorite books anytime and anywhere through their mobile device.

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Our Features

Pupila comes packed with features that make it the ultimate reading app for kids.

Our app includes a vast library of ebooks, covering a wide range of genres and topics. From picture books to chapter books, Pupila has something for every child.

What's more, we offer three free books for each level and category, allowing kids to explore and enjoy a variety of stories. Pupila's interactive animations, sound effects, and quizzes keep kids engaged and excited about reading.

With our app, learning becomes an interactive adventure, fostering a love for reading and boosting your child's literacy skills. Discover the joy of reading with Pupila and unlock a world of imagination and knowledge for your child.

Makes reading fun for kids.

Easy-to-use mobile app.

Engaging and exciting stories.

Offline access to all the Library.







Our Team

Qualified Professionals

Meet our Talented Team

At Pupila, we are a team of passionate professionals who are committed to creating the best reading experience for kids.

Our team includes experienced educators, writers, and developers who work together to ensure that our app is fun, engaging, and educational.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality content that helps kids develop their literacy skills and love for books.

With Pupila, you can trust that your child is in good hands and will enjoy a safe and educational reading experience.

Illustrative depiction of the Pupila team: A united group of professionals working together, symbolizing creativity, dedication, and teamwork in crafting an enriching reading app experience for children.

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